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The Story Of And Their Love Of Vietnam!

The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience was started in 2017 by the founders of Friends Travel Vietnam. Sidney, a Dutchman, and his Vietnamese wife, Thao, decided to focus their expertise and passion on creating a tour that is both unique and environmentally sustainable.

A new company, Biking Around Vietnam was born, with The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience as its flagship product. In 1998, during a visit to Bangkok Sidney was inspired by fellow Dutchman, Co van Kessel’s bicycle tour. There he realised that a simple thing can become an extraordinary thing if done correctly and with passion. However, Sidney & Thao’s dream of starting a bicycle tour in Hanoi had to be put on the backburner while they established Friends Travel Vietnam as a leading tour operator & travel agency in Vietnam. 

Fast-Forward to the beginning of 2017, when they started work on turning a simple vision into an extraordinary experience. Sidney and Thao did extensive research into the best possible cycling route. Overall they invited over 500 participants free of charge, as they fine tuned their route. That’s a staggering 1750 combined hours (or 73 days!) of cycling to make sure that our clients have the best possible experience. It was all worth it, as the tour became so popular that Biking Around Vietnam was born, with the first bicycle tour option in Hanoi with the Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience Tours.

What's ?

A lot of people ask us “Why are you called Friends Travel Vietnam?” Simple, we believe in providing our clients with experiences that we would only be good enough for our own friends and families.

That’s why we go on each and every tour we provide, making sure they are up to standard, before making them part of our bouquet. In short, we go on bad tours to make sure that you never have to.

With Biking Around Vietnam it’s not any different, we’ve spent hours ensuring the tour is as enjoyable and authentic as possible.

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Free Services

We In Going The Extra Mile…

…We believe in going the entire distance! At the Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience we strive to provide exceptional service, ensuring that we form an unforgettable bond with our clients.

That’s why, when booking any tour through us, our clients automatically gain access to all of our special service perks:

  • Complimentary breakfast and drinks service.
  • Free luggage storage facilities & free luggage transport to any Hotel or Hostel in the Old Quarter
  • Access to our showers to wash the dust of your feet.
  • The use of our lounge area.
  • Access to our bunk beds, because we understand that Hanoi can become a little “over stimulating”.
  • Wifi, computer access and printing services.
  • Free laundry service + complimentary Friends Travel Vietnam laundry bag
  • Ticket booking services.

You’ll come for a bicycle tour, but you’ll leave with so much more!

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Location, Location!

The Biking Around Vietnam & Friends Travel Vietnam Offices are situated at 62 Hang Buom, right in the middle of the bustling Old Quarter & close to all the best Hotels and Hostels.

From here it is easy to keep a finger on the pulse of Hanoi, and it’s also where we kick off our Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience twice a day. Whether you want to book an experience or just need some advice about an upcoming destination, don’t hesitate to come and see us – Our doors are open 7 days a week from 6 AM to 6PM!

Come say hello at 62 Hang Buom street or just pop in for a delicious iced coffee and see how we can help you.

Where are we?

Location, location, location! We’re located in the middle of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, at 62 Hang Buom street.
From here we run all our operations, while keeping a finger on the city’s pulse.

Meeting Point Friends Travel Vietnam


62 Hang Buom street  
Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Distr. Vietnam

Our hours

06:00 AM -18.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

These are the by...

Without them we won’t be able to deliver exceptional service! Our commitment to you is to provide you with a travel experience in Vietnam that is without comparison. For us to do this we need to have a clear set of policies and terms that explains how we deal with certain situations.

What is the procedure if my flight is delayed? What happens if I cancel my booking? What if inclement weather affects my tour? You’ll find the answer to all these questions in our terms and policies, as well as an in depth explanation in our FAQs.

Please feel free to read through them and don’t hesitate to contact us with any and all queries!

Our options....

Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience – Morning Tour

Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience – Afternoon Tour

Bicycle Tour + Street Food Combo

Real Hanoi Street Food ExperienceV2.0

Private Bicycle Tour – Afternoon

Private Bicycle Tour – Morning

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