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The story of a Vietnamese gal, a Dutch guy, and their love of Vietnam! ​

Saddle Up For An Unforgettable Adventure!


The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience was started (since 2018) by the founders of Friends Travel Vietnam under a new company named “Biking Around Vietnam”, where we run our new concept for a unique 3,5 hours bicycle around Hanoi.

Sidney, a Dutchman, and his Vietnamese wife, Thao, decided to focus their expertise and passion on creating a tour that is both unique and environmentally sustainable.Sidney was inspired by fellow Dutchman, Co van Kessel’s bicycle tour in Bangkok when visiting Asia for the first time in 1998. There he realised that a simple thing can become an extraordinary thing if done correctly and with passion.

However, Sidney & Thao’s dream of starting a bicycle tour in Hanoi had to be put on the backburner, while they established Friends Travel Vietnam as a leading travel agency in Vietnam. Fast-Forward to the beginning of 2018, when Sidney started work on turning a simple vision into an extraordinary experience.

Sidney and Thao did extensive research into the best possible cycling route with their team. Overall they invited over 500 participants free of charge, as they fine tuned their route. That’s a staggering 1750 combined hours (or 73 days!) of cycling to make sure that our clients have the best possible experience. It was all worth it, as the tour became so popular that Biking Around Vietnam was born.

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Meet Our Team

The heartbeat of our organization; this is the team behind every smile, amazing photo, and unforgettable experience.
Plus it’s always nice to put a face to a name!

Our Location

Location, location, location! We’re located in the middle of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, at 62 Hang Buom street.
From here we run all our operations, while keeping a finger on the city’s pulse.

Terms & Policies

This is the code of conduct that we live by, a set of rules that we’ve collected through trial and error.

They help us maintain our high standards and exceptional service.

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The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience Tours takes our guests on the path less cycled! Come with us as we explore Hanoi in all of her chaotic beauty! The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience shows you a side to Hanoi that even the local resident seldom gets to experience!
We’d love to tell you more… but you’re just going to have to join us!