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An Authentic Exploration Of Hanoi's Hidden Gems - All From The Saddle Of Your Bike!

Friends Travel Vietnam, in association with Biking Around Vietnam, is proud to present “The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience“. This is Hanoi’s premier, non-touristy cycling experience, showcasing Hanoi in a local way that will not soon be forgotten.

The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience is the brainchild of Sidney and Thao van Meenen, a Dutch & Vietnamese couple with a love for Hanoi and Vietnam! They have more than 20 years of experience in Vietnam’s travel industry and know exactly how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Jump on our custom built European style bikes and follow our expert guide down the winding alleys, iconic bridges and amazing smells that Hanoi has become famous for!

The best advice for the Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience is expect the unexpected, as we’ve spent a total of 1700 hours of cycling perfecting this tour, inviting over 500 guests for free to ensure this tour is as unforgettable and authentic as possible.

Book now and cycle your way to an unforgettable experience!

Itinerary Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience


Bicycle Tour Description

At Friends Travel Vietnam we believe in creating experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. And with the Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience that’s exactly what you’ll get. If you are looking for a standard bike ride, while seeing Hanoi’s standard sights and experiencing her standard activities, we recommend that you seek out our competitors – The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience is anything but standard!

We venture off the beaten path to show you the Hanoi that even local residents seldom get to see. Join us today and take in all the wonderfully strange sounds, sights, and smells that makes Hanoi an unforgettable experience. We’d love to tell you more but you’ll just have to join us and discover Hanoi’s magic and the charm for yourself!

Leaving twice daily at 08:30 AM and 13:30 PM.

Our Custom Made Bicycles

Our Bicycles have been custom made with our guests’ comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment in mind. One of the single biggest challenges of creating a bicycle tour in Vietnam is the “bicycle” part. Don’t get us wrong, there’s a whole lot of bicycles in Vietnam, but none of them were made with the foreign tourist market in mind. You see, there aren’t that many 2.1 m Vietnamese roaming the streets of the Old Quarter…

That’s why we had our bikes especially designed and built for our tours. We took our time and made sure everything was to our liking, because we are picky when it comes to setting up our services. And we didn’t just build them larger and more sturdy, no, we had them built better! We made sure that every aspect of our bikes will benefit our guests: from the comfortable seats and the safety-first braking system, all the way to the seamless gear shift systems.

We have gone above and beyond the norms when it comes to creating our bicycles! That also goes for all the equipment surrounding our bikes, like the helmets and children seats.

There may be other bicycle tours operating in Hanoi, but we guarantee that our bikes will make them eat dust. Frankly, the only negative thing about our bicycles is that we aren’t exporting them to Europe… yet!


On this tour we welcome one and all who’s comfortable on a bicycle and are looking for an unforgettable day out in Hanoi! Let your senses come alive with the sights, sounds, and smells of Hanoi as we explore the back-streets getting an insight into authentic Hanoin way of life! Experience different communities, explore winding alleys and discover amazing markets and temples, all while burning some calories along the way!

Some of the Highlights Include:

  • The Best Bikes in Vietnam
  • A City & Countryside Tour
  • Exploring Markets & Temples
  • Non-Touristic Focus
  • Experience Local Life
  • Sample Some Local Food & Drinks
  • Explore the Iconic Long Bien Bridge
  • Visit Hanoi’s Famous Railway track
  • Come to Grips With History & Culture
  • Learn More About Local Customs 

Itinerary Details

What To Expect When Signing Up For The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience.

Arrival At Friends Travel Vietnam Head Office
Make yourself comfortable while you wait for other guests to arrive – have a delicious complimentary Ice Coffee or tea, or just relax in our lounge. We advise our guests to arrive at least 15 minutes before the experience starts. This gives ample time for our guests to settle in and be briefed about the upcoming Experience. It also allows the tour to start without a feeling of being rushed.

Introduction From Your Guide
Meet your guide as well as your fellow guests as you learn more about the tour and our company. Here you’ll get to meet your expert tour guide, hear more about the tour and ask any questions you may have.

Inspect your Bikes
At The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience we only use the highest quality European Style commuter bikes. Inspect your Bicycle. Make sure everything is exactly according to your preference, paying special attention to the brakes, seat height, and your overall level of comfort!

Bike Away!
Get on your bike, listen to your tour guide, and cycle your way through Hanoi! We would really love to tell you more, but we’re not going to! You’ll just have to get on your bike and join us on The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience!

Arrive back at Friends Travel Vietnam’s Office
Relax as you arrive back at our offices and make use of our numerous extra services. Woo! That was something, wasn’t it? Now it’s time to relax with an ice cold cool drink or beer. You can also wash the dust from your feet in our clean showers or maybe arrange another unforgettable experience!

Finally: Thank you for choosing us!
No, really, thank you! We believe and hope that we lived up to your expectations in every way! We really appreciate you choosing Friends Travel Vietnam for this experience. We look forward to welcoming you, or your family and friends, the next time you visit this wonderful country! Finally, we wish you a happy journey through Vietnam, and many more amazing memories!

Departure Times

The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience runs twice daily; starting at 08:30 AM and then again at 13:30 PM. Please be sure to select the option that fits you best.

This is a bicycle tour, not a race! That means we’ll take it slow, leisurely pedaling through Hanoi’s streets, both through the City and rural areas, giving you ample opportunity to experience the city. Our tour runs all year around and we depart daily from our meeting point at our offices, 62 Hang Buom street in the Old Quarter.

Departure Times

  • 08:30 AM – Morning bicycle tour departure
  • 13:30 AM – Afternoon bicycle tour departure

This Experience last 3,5 Hours and we cycle a total of 15 Km. Wear sporty and light clothes you are comfortable with.

We are Dutch! So we run our tours on time.

Please be at the meeting point 15 minutes before departure for the briefing & instructions, thanks!

Video Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience

Pricing Private "The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience"

Attendants AgeGroup SizePrivate TourPrivate tour Price pp
Adults 12 years+ upfrom 2+ people49.00 $USD
Children - 25% off6 - 12 yearsfrom 2+ people36.75 $USD
Young Children*1 - 5 years-Free of charge-

*No self drive allowed. Young children may attend the tour with an adult, joining on the back seat, on a Children’s seat as pillion – Free of Charge

Pricing Join In Group "The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience"

Attendants AgeGroup SizeNormal Price ppDiscount/ppPromo Price pp
Adults 12 years+ up1 -1239.00 $USD- 10.00 $USD29.00 $USD
Children - 25% off6 - 12 years1 -1229.25 $USD- 10.00 $USD21.25 $USD
Young Children*1 - 5 years-Free of charge--

*No self drive allowed. Young children may attend the tour with an adult, joining on the back seat, on a Children’s seat as pillion – Free of Charge

Check Availability

  1. This Experience runs twice daily; starting at 08:30 AM and then again at 13:30 PM.
  2. Please select the option that fits you best.
  3. This Experience last 3,5 Hours and we cycle a total of 15 Km.
  4. Wear sporty and light clothes you are comfortable with.

Free Services

Enjoy our Friends Travel Vietnam free services as an Experienced:

Free lounge area & use our baggage storage. It’s possible to store your luggage safely with us at our storage-room during your trip or stay in Hanoi. Our guests can refresh themselves before, this for early arrivals or after the tour at our shower area when joining our trips and more…

  • Complimentary breakfast and drinks service.
  • Free luggage storage facilities & free luggage transport to any Hotel or Hostel in the Old Quarter
  • Access to our showers to wash the dust of your feet.
  • The use of our lounge area.
  • Access to our bunk beds, because we understand that Hanoi can become a little “over stimulating”.
  • Wifi, computer access and printing services.
  • Free laundry service + complimentary Friends Travel Vietnam laundry bag
  • Ticket booking services.


A real adventure
It seems impossible to bike around Hanoi and cross the chaotic roads, but the excellent guides of Friends Travel made it possible. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon exploring, because on a bicycle, different than on foot or by car, we could get a view of many different parts of Hanoi and understand the diversity of this thrilling and exciting city. We made interesting stops and also enjoyed some delicious (partly new) foods and drinks along the way. But the best part was cycling along in the ceaseless flow of motorbikes and scooters and cherishing the adventure.
Biking Tour Hanoi
We wanted a local experience and we got it! What an amazing cycling tour we had! You have to dare to bike (just go with the flow) but wow, how we loved discovering the small street with the railways, the Eiffelbridge, the homeless island, the countryside. Nothing but highlights. Non touristic highlights to be more exact. Can recommend it to any adventurous biker. We also did the streetfoodtour, joy for the eyes and the mouth!
Reviewed March 9, 2019
A great experience
to explore Hanoi. We didn’t have much time in the city, but because of this biking tour we got the chance to discover the highlights of the city within just one day!
Very interesting
We did a bicycle tour in Hanoi. Very interesting. You see a lot more than you do walking in the city.
Good guide, special places, interesting stories. Bikes were fine
Reviewed March 7, 2019
We really enjoyed our trip!
Communication ahead was fast and clear. For us as a family they arranged 2 bikes with soft seats for the children. Our oldest son (almost 10) was perfectly capable of doing the trip on a bike. We normally don’t book a tour because we prefer to explore ourselves, but this tour really is worth it!
Several great tours!
We had an awesome bikingtour and streetfoodtour in Hanoi which i could recommand to everyone! Also they arranged transport to ninh bin Area for an affordable price. We did an expensive cruise with them to halong bay. They found a cruise that suited our needs but in the end we did not like halong bay that much and found out we are not cruising people. O & they also arranged visa for us. We were really happy with them!
Reviewed March 4, 2019
Great tour!
You have a chance to explore another piece of Hanoi with a passionate tour guide who will tell you stories behind each destination you’ll visit. We stopped for some snacks on the way and they’re delicious!
Good job and keep it up!

Trip Notes

Infant Seats – These are available to fit on your bike. The available weight range for the seats is from 1 kg – 22kg.

Dress Code – We are visiting holy sites, as such your shoulders or knees should not be exposed. A sarong and a shoal solves this problem easily and leaves everybody happy.

Our Bicycles – We only use the best quality European Style commuter bikes. These bicycles come equipped with normal handlebar brakes as we don’t use the antiquated back-pedal-braking system. We inspect and maintain our bikes on a daily basis, ensuring the highest quality bicycles available.

Children on bikes – We have child sized bicycles available. Our general rule about allowing children on the tour is that the child and the parents knows best. Thus, if the child is comfortable on the bike, and the parents are comfortable with the child on the bike, we are comfortable too.

This Experience runs twice daily; starting at 08:30 AM and then again at 13:30 PM. Please select the option that fits you best.

This Experience last 3,5 Hours and we cycle a total of 15 Km. Wear sporty and light clothes you are comfortable with.

What do I need to bring?

Camera, preferably with a small backpack to carry your personal belongings. We advise that you wear closed shoes while biking, unless you’re comfortable biking with sandals or flip-flops. 

Bring along some sun cream – it gets hot out there – but make sure it’s a type that’s friendly on the environment and your body! Hat or cap is advisable for sunny conditions.

Insect repellant is always advisable in SouthEast Asia’s tropical climate even though the little critters are only an irritation for a short time during the tour.

What's Included

Bottled water  and some light snacks are included in this tour, as well as all of your entry fees, your licensed tour guide and supporting guides for groups larger than 4 people.

  • Entry and admission fee
  • Food & drinks
  • Licensed Tourguide (English speaking)
  • Supporting guides (for groups of 4+)
  • Standard City bikes
  • Standard Children bikes available
  • Pillion seats for children available
  • Infant seats (up to 22kg) available
  • Child & Adult helmets
  • Lightweight rain ponchos in case of rain.

What's Excluded

Tip or gratuity for your guides – this is optional if you feel like rewarding exceptional service.

Beverages like cold drinks or juices may be purchased while on the tour, but alcoholic drinks are not permissible, as you’ll be riding a bicycle through Vietnamese traffic.

Personal insurance is also not included and remains the prerogative of our individual travellers.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Tip or gratuity
  • Personal Travel Insurance

Questions & Answers

Got Questions? Great, cause we’ve got the answers!

We’ve put together some frequantly asked questions to give you more information about The Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the “contact us” page.

NOTE: Clicking on the question will reveal the answer.

How can I book my trip & pay?

Very easy – Just select the day and time that you want to join us & book directly! Then just choose your preferred payment method. You will receive an instant booking confirmation from us!

  • Book & Pay by credit card
  • Book & Pay via Paypal
  • Book & Pay in cash
  • Book & Pay via creditcard link
*Credit card payments via credit card links or via our POS system in our travel outlet or office are subject 3% admin fee

Meeting Point


62 Hang Buom street  
Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Distr. Vietnam

Our hours

06:00 AM -18.00 PM
Monday – Sunday

Inquire About A Booking

We always look forward to hearing from our guests.
Please feel free to direct any and all queries towards our capable team. Talk soon!