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When it comes to selecting and designing our tours or experiences we have one simple question we ask ourselves: “Would we recommend this tour or experiences to our friends or family?”

If the answer is “no”, we keep on working on the experience, until we’re able to answer, “Heck yeah!” Here’s some of the experiences that have passed the test and got a “Heck yeah!” from us.

Our Experiences

Our Experiences

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Our Experiences

Real Hanoi Cooking Class, Bicycle & Street Food Experience

"Cook + Bicycle + Street Food"

This is our ultimate experience and best seller! We’ve combine three of our most popular tours into one seamless and extraordinary experience! Start of the day with our Real Hanoi Cooking Class Experience, follow it up with our Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience and then finish of this remarkable day with our Real Hanoi Street Food Experience.

Real Hanoi Bicycle & Street Food Experience Afternoon departure​

"Bicycle + Street Food"

Cycle yourself hungry with our Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience before silencing your hunger with our delicious Real Hanoi Street Food Experience!

What better way to reward yourself after 15 km of cycling than with 15 delicious dishes?

Real Hanoi Cooking Class & Bicycle Experience

"Cook + Bicycle"

Life is about the simple things. Simple things like amazingly delicious food after a long bike ride! That’s why we give you the option of combining your Real Hanoi Bicycle Experience with our highly acclaimed Real Hanoi Cooking Class Experience!

What better way to finish off 3.5 hours of cycling than by sitting down to a feast that you’ve prepared!

Real Hanoi Cooking Class & Street Food Experience

"Cook & Street Food"

The Real Hanoi Foodie Experience the ultimate tour for the enthusiast of taste and flavour! It combines our Cooking Class with our Street Food Experience for a in depth exploration of all things tasty and Vietnamese! As Anthony Bourdain said: “In Vietnam you don't have to go look for good food, good food simply comes to you!”
See you soon!

Real Hanoi Bicycle & Cooking Class Experience

"Bicycle + Cook"

First we jump on our bikes and cycle to all Hanoi’s hidden gems!
Next! Let's meet our chef first en we kick off the day with our Real Hanoi Cooking Class Experience and of course we try all we cooked ourselves!
It will be an amazing day!
See you soon!

Real Hanoi Cooking & Bicycle Class Experience

"Cook + Bicycle"

Let's meet our chef first en we kick off the day with our Real Hanoi Cooking Class Experience and of course we try all we cooked ourselves! Next! We jump on our bikes and cycle to all Hanoi’s hidden gems It will be an amazing day!
See you soon!

Our Experience Tours

Real Hanoi Street Food Experience V2.0

A perfect path of the palate through Hanoi’s winding streets! We leave three times at night at 17:45 PM, 18:00 PM, & 18:15 PM. Please choose a time that best suits you.
Let's go

Real Hanoi Cooking Class Experience

An in depth exploration of the Vietnamese cuisine, hosted by a professional Chef in a state of the art rooftop kitchen. The Class takes place twice daily at 08:00 AM and 13:30 PM
Let's go

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A real adventure
It seems impossible to bike around Hanoi and cross the chaotic roads, but the excellent guides of Friends Travel made it possible. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon exploring, because on a bicycle, different than on foot or by car, we could get a view of many different parts of Hanoi and understand the diversity of this thrilling and exciting city. We made interesting stops and also enjoyed some delicious (partly new) foods and drinks along the way. But the best part was cycling along in the ceaseless flow of motorbikes and scooters and cherishing the adventure.
Biking Tour Hanoi
We wanted a local experience and we got it! What an amazing cycling tour we had! You have to dare to bike (just go with the flow) but wow, how we loved discovering the small street with the railways, the Eiffelbridge, the homeless island, the countryside. Nothing but highlights. Non touristic highlights to be more exact. Can recommend it to any adventurous biker. We also did the streetfoodtour, joy for the eyes and the mouth!
Reviewed March 9, 2019
A great experience
to explore Hanoi. We didn’t have much time in the city, but because of this biking tour we got the chance to discover the highlights of the city within just one day!
Very interesting
We did a bicycle tour in Hanoi. Very interesting. You see a lot more than you do walking in the city.
Good guide, special places, interesting stories. Bikes were fine
Reviewed March 7, 2019
We really enjoyed our trip!
Communication ahead was fast and clear. For us as a family they arranged 2 bikes with soft seats for the children. Our oldest son (almost 10) was perfectly capable of doing the trip on a bike. We normally don’t book a tour because we prefer to explore ourselves, but this tour really is worth it!
Several great tours!
We had an awesome bikingtour and streetfoodtour in Hanoi which i could recommand to everyone! Also they arranged transport to ninh bin Area for an affordable price. We did an expensive cruise with them to halong bay. They found a cruise that suited our needs but in the end we did not like halong bay that much and found out we are not cruising people. O & they also arranged visa for us. We were really happy with them!
Reviewed March 4, 2019
Great tour!
You have a chance to explore another piece of Hanoi with a passionate tour guide who will tell you stories behind each destination you’ll visit. We stopped for some snacks on the way and they’re delicious!
Good job and keep it up!
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