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Blogs have become one of the most popular ways that our society consumes information. These days it seems there’s a blog around every virtual corner. And not without good reason! The humble blog has quickly become one of the most popular ways our society consumes information. When you take into account that this form of media only saw the digital light of day in 1994 (Internet – 1993, FM Radio – 1933, Television 1927) it really puts its growth and popularity into perspective.

However, with popularity comes quantity, and as soon as quantity runs riot, it’s inevitable that quality suffers. This means that the internet is literally littered with blogs that nothing more than spam post and misguided guerilla marketing attempts. That’s why Friends Travel Vietnam sift through hundreds of blogs, reaching out to those bloggers who stand out from the crowd, and bring you the very best travel blogs out there! If you want to stay informed, as well as entertained, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list!




The Best Sights To Visit In Hanoi – Part 1/3

Discover Hanoi! Part 1/3: Popular Sights… Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi is a litany of colours, tastes, sights, and experiences just waiting to be explored and discovered. The challenge for any traveller visiting this chaotically beautiful city is that they can

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The Best Things To Do In Hanoi

The Best Things To Do In Hanoi! The city of Hanoi is absolutely jam-packed with memorable and inexpensive experiences. We’ve taken the liberty of listing a couple of our favourites, but at the end of the day, the City of

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Visiting Vietnam – A General Introduction

So you’re considering visiting Vietnam? Well, you are in for one heck of an experience, and I say this after a visit to Vietnam changed my life. Two years after that initial visit I came back, this time without immediately

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Tay Ho – Hanoi’s (other) lake of myths and legends.

Tay Ho – Hanoi’s (other) lake of myths and legends. People visiting Hanoi can sometimes leave Vietnam’s capital with vastly different experiences. One traveller might return home with tales about colourful temples and rituals, while another may go home a

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